HACKER MAN is a funny turn-based fighting game with multiple PC.                                                                                                                                                                                               

Control :

-enter to pass/launch attack

-each attack have to be taped with the keyboard

HACKER MAN is the nickname of a young employee who forgot to turn off his computer at the office. He must therefore hack the NASA servers in order to access his PC remotely. The only computer available is an old PC from his childhood. He must therefore hack 6 computers in order to obtain the computing power necessary to crack NASA's servers.

‌The game is turn-based pokémon style. There are six computers to defeat. Each one will give you access to its characteristic attack. There are a total of 11 different attacks.

‌ We are two to have developed the game, in 4 days. This is our very first jame game. Our team is made up of a programmer and a designer / animator.

We were obviously not able to integrate all the functionalities planned at the base. 

Despite everything, we are very proud of the final rendering of the project. The development was difficult and tiring, but really rewarding. 


Programming: Dorian Sanjivy 

Visual / Animations: Abel Graux

Without forgetting all our friends who supported us during this project.

Thanks to Adam Haynes and ThePrimeCronus for allowing us to use their music.

Made for the Brackley 2021 game jam


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awsome game, awesome!!

but there are few bugs :/ like end credits not showing, everything stays at 6 white pcs. Also sometimes you have to type before opponent attacks.

My speedrun time for now 6:53.27 :3

So fast ! Even during my playtest I'm not that fast ! I don't know it was even possible ! ( If you have a recording I would be happy to see how you did)

For the bugs :  can you describe them ? 

-> what did you do before the crash of the ending ?

->type before opponent what do you mean ?

Le jeu est super sympa, les mechaniques de combat sont bien, j'ai mis du temps à capter à quoi sert le lock des attaques, et j'ai battu la NASA plus rapidement que le PC d'avant. Mis à part ça un très bon jeu :)

Merci pour ta revue honnête ! Elle me confirme un changement que je ferais : rajouter plus de feedback au lock/ randsomware.

It's a really great game, very fun game.


An awesome game. You guys are awesome. Adware is just overkill. But the visuals and music are excellent. The music at NASA is very good. Hats Off :)


Thanks a lot ! (you're the first to say that adware is overpowered so I don't really know if it really the case)

I killed Nasa with Adware, how the mighty have fallen. :)


My poor Nasa computer noooo  ! :((

Its a really cool game! The music is amazing too.

thank for your comment. Do not hesitate to go to the youtube channel of Adam Haynes it is he who created the music.

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Omg the music is amazing. I'm just sitting on the title on loop. Also the boss music was so over the top love it. The visuals are really sleek too! 

Thank you. I spent a lot of time on the visuals. It makes me very happy

I absolute LOVE this game. It was so much fun and was really well made for a game jam! The attacks were creative and funny and the graphics and animations were great. Really well done!

Thank you ! It took us a long time to set up but we are proud of it.

I like how you added in the Commodore PET in there

Thanks ! We added it because it's design was fun.

I didn’t make it far but, is the Commodore 64 in there?